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Team & Partners

Our Team

President, CEO & Chief Investigator
Patty Karlin

Patty Karlin has a Registered Nursing degree from University of California, San Francisco; her specialty is neonatal intensive care. She also obtained a MPH degree in Virology and Immunology from the School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, specializing in HIV/AIDS.

Technical Development
Leif Steinhour

Leif Steinhour has a background as an R&D engineer in the area of biomechanics. He has a BA from Rice University in Physics and Mathematics. He is currently holds a position at Lawrence Berkeley Labs in their structural biology group, and serves as a scientific advisor to Silk Parasol.

 Our Partners

 Go-To-Market Partners:
  • Lingerie Designers
  • Local Entrepreneurs and research programs
  • Health Agencies
  • Existing Male Condom Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals
In Public Sector:

  • International Entrepreneurs
  • International Public Health Organizations